Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Getting a little soft?

‘The way I think about it,” Barack Obama told a TV station in Orlando, “is, you know, this is a great, great country that had gotten a little soft.”

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tax US! An article by Oolong

As I write this, the US national debt clock is at $14.8 trillion. April 6, 2010, a group of wealthy liberals made headlines, requesting that they want their taxes raised. Is there anyone out there, other than me, that finds this the least bit suspicious? They can donate proceeds to the government, why do they want to increase government, enforced taxes?

Yesterday, Warren Buffet was on Fox News, insisting that the “ultra rich” should be taxed more. Interesting that he should say that when Berkshire Hathaway owes about $1 billion taxes since 2002. Even politicians don’t pay their taxes. Congressman Charlie Rangel, Senator John Kerry, and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner have failed to pay their taxes. For the rich or the empowered, this does very little, but for us little people we may be blacklisted from taking out a loan.

Obama has spread his feathers in front of the camera and touts, “But as I said, we’ve actually cut taxes for small business 16 times since I’ve been in office. So taxes for small businesses are lower now than they were when I came into office.” I wouldn’t think so poorly of the president if that were true. However, the Washington Post reports that he’s lowered taxes in areas that least effect small businesses. To do even more of a disservice, if a business wants to lower taxes, the they will have to make a request for it or they have to meet a narrow criteria for the tax cut.

The Obama and Bush administrations have bailed out big business and not the small businesses. Obama promised, “No more… bailouts. Period.” One of Obama’s greatest campaign donor, Goldman Sachs, was given a bailout in the American Recover and Reinvestments Act through AIG. As senator, Obama voted in 2009 for the AIG bailout. Goldman Sachs has now fallen out of love with Obama and is now throwing itself into the arm of Romney (what a tragic romance). A ShoreBank bailout was nestled in a TARP bill for $75 million, in 2010. It didn’t happen, but their bad debt was swept away by the FDIC. ShoreBank no longer exists… in name, but it is now called the Urban Partnership Bank.

We cannot trust big government. We cannot trust in the nanny state. The politicians and the “philanthropists” may say that they are looking out for you, but in all reality they are eliminating competition and robbing us of our rights.